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Waste Recycling Business

We aim to build a functional, smooth recycling system.

Concrete and Asphalt Repurposing Facility

"Debris" from such activities as demolition work and civil engineering construction sites (i.e. Concrete blocks and asphalt mass) are recycled at this facility. After the recycling process of crushing, RC-40 (0-40 mm) is produced. This has been used in both public and private construction mainly for lower roadbeds and basic backfill material.

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Mixed waste recycling facility

After having received mixed waste from a discharge company, the waste is sorted at our facilities in order to plan for recycling and repurposing. In addition, crushing of the waste is performed to reduce size, thus freeing up capacity.

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Waste Wood Repurposing Facility

Waste wood that is accepted from the discharge company is crushed by heavy equipment and roughly sorted at a chip recycling facility. After going through the repurposing process, the waste is transformed into three high-quality recycled products: raw material chips (board material), fuel chips (fossil fuel substitute), and powder chips (fertilizers and moisture control agents).

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Waste plastics and Waste Paper Recycling Facility

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Waste plastic and paper waste from a discharge company is recycled into high-quality solid fuel (RPF) through a compression process at this facility.

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