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Recyclable Dismantling Business

We are working actively to achieve fractional dismantling and recycling

Fractionation dismantling ~ Excavation of resources ~

In order to promote the "efficient use of resources", knowing how to effectively reuse our finite resources is the key. We, through “recyclable building dismantling”, are working on this basis to help the "preservation and creation of the living environment" and the "promotion of recycling". In addition, along with strict enforcement of the "Construction Recycling Law", we are advocating for more detailed classifications of recycling such as "dismantling and recycling".

It should be noted that CLEAN SYSTEM, Ltd. gives the "separated dismantled waste" a new breath of life when it is processed by the "intermediate processing system" into a variety of raw materials and products, used both inside and outside the prefecture as "high-quality recycled products". We will continue working hard to pioneer the system of total recycling construction.

Demolition work flow diagram

Demolition work flow diagram (wooden house)

When you click the "yellow" process button, images of each step of the demolition process will be displayed.

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